When traveling, please remember these:

Follow hosts' instructions carefully on how and when to contact them.

Do not call hosts before 9:00 A.M. or after 10:00 P.M.

Upon arrival at a host's house, show your Letter of Introduction as soon as possible, without being asked for it. It will prevent misunderstanding; it will provide them information about you, so that the visit can get off to a good start. Prepare in advance photocopies of the letter, so that a host may keep a copy if he/she desires.

Please respect the rule that only the host can decide whether you may stay overnight or not. Servas protocol requires that visits be limited to two nights only, unless the host issues a personal invitation to stay longer. Spend time with your host and his/her family; learn about them; exchange views with them. Do not treat your visit as a mere stay at a hotel.

It is customary in Turkey to take a small present especially if you are invited to their homes.

Turkey is an Islamic country so it may be easier for couples and females to be invited to hosts' homes. Especially female hosts invite female travellers and couples more readily than they do male travellers.

Drug consuming and drug dealing are illegal In Turkey. Your are not allowed to use drugs at hosts' homes. There have been some complaints about this. Hosts are strictly advised to inform the police and the Servas coordinator, if travellers do not observe this law.

Generally organised hospitality like that of Servas is hard to understand for Turkish people since hospitality is deeply embedded in the culture. Therefore, Turkish hosts get out of their way to host you, get burnt out and tend to drop out of Servas . So, please keep in mind to impose as little as possible on the host. Insist on splitting the costs when you are going out with them. Do not expect your host to pay for your expenses, such as telephone costs, entrance fees, meals, etc. Find out the cost and pay your own way.

Check out the house rules with your host and respect them.

Should you have a problem or misunderstandings with a host, please tell the coordinator so that we can clarify the issue and resolve any conflicts.

Offer to pay for all your telephone calls and Internet use.

Informally, talk to as many people as you like about Servas , and tell them to write or to call the Turkish coordinator for information about membership.


Official Holidays 


On these days most people go to holiday. Especially on religious holidays people visit their relatives/family.

New Year                        : 1 January 

National Independence and Children's Day: 23 April 

Commemoration of Atatürk and Youth and Sports Day: 19 May 

Victory Day                : 30 August 

Ramadan Feast                : 3 days, dates change every year.

Republic Day                : 29 October 

The Feast of Sacrifice                : 4 days, dates change every year.


A Toy is The Best Present


We kindly ask you to bring a toy which tells us something about your culture when you visit any of our members in Turkey. As Servas members of Turkey, we want to collect all the toys and give them as presents to the children living in the rural areas. 


Please note that the toys should be made of wood or other environmental friendly materials.